Women Run Wynwood Creates an Empowering, Safe Space for Fitness in Miami

Photo by Cristina Jara / Creative Shot Box

If you're a man, you've probably never had to worry about getting catcalled while running, enduring the creepy x-ray vision nod from passersby, taking an Uber to make it home safely before your last mile, or holding your keys between your knuckles on a run because uno nunca sabe.

Women Run Wynwood is Miami's running club for women only. Founded by Boricua fitness coach Grisell Denise and Triple Threat Fitness owner Michael Guilbaud, Women Run Wynwood is a new kind of run club that empowers women to get fit in a safe space. Female guest speakers, all-women vendors, and live music set the vibes. The free 5K happens every first Sunday of the month at 9 a.m. at CrossFit Wynwood.

Denise says she wants to highlight the strengths, beauty, and determination of women.

"Many of them do not know the power they carry within. WRW wants women to embrace their bodies, who they are, what they are, and where they come from. We want them to love themselves deeply, to carry themselves with strength, dignity, and high self-esteem," she says. "We want these women to feel good about themselves. When women feel empowered, they empower the people around them and strive for greatness in all aspects of life."

The event began at the beginning of the year, and attendance has steadily increased each month. In July, WRW registered close to 80 women to attend the event and run the 5K. Participants' levels of fitness vary. For some, the club is their first experience with distance running. Runners receive a message of motivation before the three-mile trek begins, and they're accompanied by pacers who cheer them on along the route.

WRW's long-term goal is to expand the movement to other cities. Denise says they have opportunities to grow to metro areas such as Louisville, Jacksonville, and Boston, but she wants to start in her native Puerto Rico.

"I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and hold the island very close to my heart. Puerto Rico has been going through so much in the past year, with Hurricane Maria that hit our island last year, taking over 4,000 lives," she says. "I feel the need to bring the WRW movement to the island. Women more than ever need to connect, need to look for strength in the women and the community they have around them. It's important they know and believe that we are all in this together and can get through anything together."

For now, she wants to bring that feeling of sisterhood to her backyard and encourages all women to attend the next event this Sunday, August 5. She says women can expect a morning of empowerment where they'll meet like-minded ladies and leave the venue recharged.

"We want women to open, disconnect, and enjoy themselves with the other women in our Miami community. We want them to feel welcomed the very moment they step into WRW and leave feeling lifted. All women are unique, perfect, and worthy. In this day and age, the media distorts what a woman should look like, should be like, should act like, should feel like. We want to light the way and make our message loud and clear. You were made perfect and have what it takes to be the very best version of yourself and accomplish anything you set your mind to."

Women Run Wynwood. 9 a.m. Sunday, August 5, at CrossFit Wynwood, 56 NE 29th., Miami; triplethreatfit.com. Admission is free with RSVP via eventbrite.com.