Vicky's House Offers Sweet Nostalgia and a Golden Girls Milkshake

Vicky's House is more than a restaurant.

It's a time machine that transports visitors into sweeter times, complete with 80's themed desserts.

Vicky’s House is the latest undertaking by the Kush Hospitality Group. Founder Matt Kuscher enlisted the help of his director of operations, Laurie Grasty, who birthed the idea of serving milkshakes. The result? A 12-seat waiting area for his LoKal restaurant in Coconut Grove in honor of Kuscher's mother’s house - kitchen towel and all.

“I wanted to pay tribute to my mom and really go back to my roots of where I came from. I had an unbelievable childhood growing up and that period of my life just generated great memories,” Kuscher said. “I thought it would be cool to try and re-create that. What better place to do that than next to LoKal? It’s my first baby, and I’ll never forget how lucky I am, what I have, and where I came from.”

The menu boasts over-the-top milkshakes like The Golden Girls, a banana milkshake with cream cheese frosting, Golden Grahams cereal, vanilla wafer, toffee bits, a Twinkie, and a homemade blondie with a cherry on top. They also have The Breakfast Club, a vanilla milkshake with a peanut butter rim, Captain Crunch cereal, Miami Smoker's bacon, a glazed donut from Salty Donut, and a shot of espresso.

Vicky’s House also offers floats, ice cream sandwiches from the Wynwood Parlor, locally-made ice cream from Dasher & Crank, and Cafe La Llave Cuban coffee.

In the works are dairy-free milkshake options too, with a vegan ice cream sandwich on deck from Wynwood Parlor for all the plant-based treat lovers.

Kuscher recalls how long it took him to open the new joint, but says the sweetest part was when his mom walked in.

“I can’t believe I saved this shit,” she said referring to the Norman Rockwell picture that hangs on the wall, her reaction caught on video. “Then she got extremely emotional and started crying all over the place,” Kuscher said.

“Now that we’re open and in full swing, out of all the concepts we’ve created it’s the one that makes me feel the most comfortable and obviously most at home.”

Vicky’s Milkshake Bar and Tasting Room, 3190 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, 305-442-3377, Open Monday-Friday, 6-10 pm, Saturday-Sunday 12-10pm