This Motel Wants You to Spend One Night In Miami

There are nights in Miami that are so culturally rich we have to look around and pinch ourselves. No, we're not in New York, or Los Angeles we are in our magic city.

Miami New Drama is a not-for-profit presenting and production organization at the Colony Theatre that aims to share the stories of community and culture on stage by American, Latin American, and international artists.

Recently, they invited me to the dress rehearsal of One Night In Miami the story of the night of February 25th, 1964 when a young Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali emerges from the Miami Beach Convention Center as the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion defeating Sonny Liston and sending waves through the boxing world.

Because of Jim Crow-era segregation laws, Clay spends the night at the Hampton House Motel celebrating with three of his friends: activist Malcolm X, singer Sam Cooke, and football star Jim Brown.

Not only was the set impeccable, but it features a compelling story of brotherhood set in the heart of Historic Overtown. The storyline which pulls on the strings of racial and political themes draws similarities between today's political climate and that of the past.

The all black male cast features Sam Cooke played by Grammy Award Winner Leon Thomas with Cassius Clay interpreted by Kieron J.Anthony, Malcolm X, played by Jason Delane and Jim Brown as Esau Prichett.

As the night unfolds the friends experience the fight of their lives after spending the night in the Hampton House Motel, the tension that drives them apart ultimately brings them back together.

During one of the most vulnerable scenes, Sam Cooke and Malcolm shred each other apart the only way real friends can exposing each other's weaknesses and flawed characteristics. Each character is grappling with plans for their future and questioning their current paths. We even see Malcolm question his devotion to the Nation of Islam when practitioners begin to blackmail and stalk his every move.

Director Carl Cofield ran a national search to feature the talented cast and raves about how important it is to showcase black talent in the arts. The cast has natural chemistry that any best friends would envy.

One Night In Miami declares itself as one of the most essential and climactic plays of the moment spotlighting Miami New Drama as a cultural gem on the pulse of Miami storytelling and creativity.

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