This Month's Sh!ts n' Giggles Open Mic & Sticker Swap Gets a Street-Art Twist

Courtesy of Yuval Ofir

There’s something funny about bringing art and comedy together. At least that’s what Yuval Ofir from Yo Space Gallery thinks.

The art curator has been hosting comedy events around Miami for five years, uniting the creative community through laughs. This weekend, he plans to put on his usual comedy show, but with a street-art twist.

Sh!ts n' Giggles Open Mic & Sticker Swap, his latest idea, highlights multiple facets of one creative concept. He’s been collaborating with Miami street artists for years and, based on their talents, realized that not all artists are good at only one art form. He hopes to foster that spirit at his monthly comedy show.

“I wanted to start an open-mike night, but I was working on turning it into more of a hangout space than just a gallery, in part because I wasn’t seeing any returns on all the time I was putting in,” Ofir says. “I figured if I was doing great events at other places, why not do them at my place and use it as a way to grow the crowd there?”

Courtesy of Yuval Ofir

This Sunday, the free event will be hosted by comics Regi Desjardins and Abe Perez.

From 6 to 9 p.m., comedians and graffiti writers can hang at a get-together reminiscent of the '90s with a sticker and sketchbook swap. There will also be an open mike midway into the night that includes comedy, spoken word, and music.

“I got to talking to comedians in other places, and we brainstormed to make a different version of a mike night unlike everything else. There are a lot of similarities between standup comedians and graffiti artists,” Ofir says. “I wanted these two groups of people — artists and comedians — to meet and mingle and bring these two creative cultures together. There’s more overlap than people think. Creative art is starting to be more fluid, and now people do a little bit of everything.”

Sh!ts n' Giggles Open Mic & Sticker Swap

Every third Sunday of the month from 6 to 9 p.m. at Yo Space Gallery & Studios, 294 NE 62nd St., Miami. The sketchbook exchange and sticker swap takes place the first hour, and the open mike begins at 7 p.m. Guests can still sketch while the open mike is going on. Admission is free.