The Love Below, Weekly Tuesday Dance Party, Celebrates Its Three-Year Anniversary

Tuesday nights in Miami belong to The Love Below.

The weekly party that began as the idea of seven resident DJs and producers has become a staple in the dance and club world. The collective consists of Pazmal, Telescope Thieves, Manuvers, Jun-ill, Sharpsound, Louie Arson, and Jerrious B. Tuesday, August 7 is the three-year anniversary.

The event started out at the Electric Pickle in July 2015 and has since secured its reputation as a fun, dynamic and inclusive party that's guaranteed to make you pull out your iPhone and Shazam song after song.

Manuvers, whose real name is Francisco de Pablo, said the event has flourished thanks to divine timing and visibility. The guys are big on making sure people know they can come as they are. Bouncers don't pluck the video vixens from the line outside the door. The seven founders are a multicultural mix that comes from Chile, Bolivia, and Haiti. They curate playlists of world music along with tracks they've produced and favorite hits.

"I think part of the success has to do with the music and the vibe it provides," Manuvers says. "It all was really an experiment, where we could play what we wanted and make sure it was dance-oriented."

As for the turnout, Telescope Thieves — whose real name is Mario de los Santos — says it was beautifully unexpected. "In the beginning, our only intention was to play awesome music. As individuals, we’re accepting of anyone who comes through the door, so when we noticed the diversity in our crowd, we worked to keep it that way and the fact that it’s an inclusive space is something we’re extremely proud of."

The event moved from the Pickle to Las Rosas a few months back. Manuvers says the move was a matter of growth, and the bolero room upstairs at the Pickle is still a special space that created amazing memories for them.

Telescope Thieves adds there was some tension brewing below the surface.

"Sonically [Electric Pickle is] one of the best clubs in Miami. That being said, their business acumen lacked. They never paid us on time, they would owe us for months of pay and would slowly, and I mean slowly, catch up. There was a bar that was never fully stocked and a nonexistent POS system," he said. "They’ve decided to accuse us of the theft of their CDJs. Hey, Electric Pickle, we’re not thieves, and also we’re turntable DJs, you dicks."

Despite the bitter end with The Pickle, the guys remain unfazed. The switch to Las Rosas has proven successful for them, and they're excited about the future.

The collective agrees that their new home has been worth the wait and had been planning a move, but was waiting for the right venue. For their three-year anniversary, they're inviting everyone in the city to their love party below the red neon rose. They'll have merch giveaways and special treats. The theme is a three-year-old party with balloons, candies, and kazoos for those who show up early.

Telescope Thieves says the night will stay true to its mission. "People can expect smiles and warm energy throughout the crowd, and they can expect to see people dance like no ones looking and hopefully they’ll feel free enough to join in."

The Love Below Three Year Anniversary at Las Rosas takes place on Tuesday, August 7 at Las Rosas, 2898 NW 7th Ave. It's free and open to the public, party starts at 10 p.m. Follow @TheLoveBelowParty on Instagram.