The Colour Connection

Satin Fye is the force behind The Colour Connection a non-profit youth enrichment program that teaches young children of color etiquette and cultural studies through travel and exposure to life experiences.

She began traveling as a young child from Brooklyn, New York and Washington, D.C. her parent’s home states influenced by her elders to learn about the history of her family and black culture. Exposed to the harsh realities and generational injustices of black history she embarked on a personal journey to educate herself and now her two young sons’. She began noticing the gaps more as her children entered school that the system was not exposing them to prominent historic figures of the past or their roots.

"Black History does not go beyond the scope of a Rosa Parks or a Martin Luther King Jr., and that's not the only people that revolutionized our development in this country as African Americans," Fye said. "I felt it was my social responsibility to make sure the kids are getting that knowledge and they understand themselves. That was one of the reasons I started this organization."

Fye who works for a major airline decided she would use her career connections and personal funds to plan trips with families and children to the main cities with strong historical ties to Black Culture. The Colour Connection recently took their first trip to the original chocolate city- Washington D.C. Anonymous donors and a fundraiser completed the funds needed to make the trip, and a total of eight adults and five children were able to attend for free.

"The kids will never get experience if they never leave South Florida," Fye said. "Our mission is to expose children to these types of teachings and then to get them to original settings where these things took place at and where they can take their experience from the book into an actual location. So they can see where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in Memphis and Zora Neale Hurston developed her writing skills in St. Augustine and where Frederick Douglass' house is in Southeast D.C. They need these experiences."

At first, when she began to reach out to people on social media to promote the trip there were skeptics not believing it was an actual paid organizational trip. She struggled to find people to take and then applications started entering her inbox. One of them, from an Afro-Latina mother who wanted to teach her daughter about her African roots.

Next month Fye and The Colour Connection will be taking an "adults only" trip to Vedado, Cuba March 10 to the 13th. So far they have ten people signed up and are seeking donations to continue funding the expenses and pay for the itinerary. This trip will be guided by an Afro-Latino couple who specialize in giving tours in Cuba of the Afro-Latino perspective through their company Afro-Latino Travel.

"The mission for this trip is to donate dolls of color to the children of Cuba. My tour guide Dash spoke passionately about dolls being a very big thing for the little girls there and having a doll that looks like them. That resonated with me, I can identify with not feeling pretty enough because I was not represented by the media, but these dolls will help these young girls with their self-esteem, it will give them joy in having a toy to play with that looks like them," Fye said. "This is the essence of what we are doing, giving these children a sense of self and representation."


Currently, the ages targeted for The Colour Connection trips are years children 7 to 14, but Fye said people interested can reach out with inquiries on her site

To help Satin Fye and The Colour Connection fund more trips or to get involved follow @TheColourConnection on Instagram or message Satin Fye at

To donate dolls of color to the organizations trip next month drop off locations are at Black Women Yoga Studio 2782 NW 167th StreetMiami Gardens, Florida 33054 or in Little Haiti at the Notre Dame apartments. The Colour Connection is also looking for a donated co-working space, if you or someone you know can help please message Satin Fye directly.

All photos are courtesy of Suze Guillaume