The 10 Best Moments of iiiPoints

I was so proud of the iiiPoints team for this years activation's, and especially proud to be from Miami for the dope ass concert, music production that is trés puntos.

As a lover of all things local and creative the music series was founded by none other than David Sinopoli and co-founder Erica Freshman the brains behind the music curation at Bardot in Midtown Miami. If you've ever gotten lost in the music on the red carpet at the tiny venue you can thank Sinopoli who's brought amazing acts like Sango and Toki Monsta over to spin.

This year the biggest news at iiiPoints was the headlining acts like Gorillaz closing out the three-day event on Friday night, but also for the first year since the concerts inception, the venue completely sold out- #MiamiWin.

One of my fav locals acts Bedside jammed out on the same stage as the headliners and that's just some of the magic of this festival - that acts of all sizes get to take the stage in the name of music.

In true Miami fashion the whole city packed into Mana Wynwood for the three day weekend but one thing that stood out to me is something Miami barely gets credit for- our crowd.

The audience blended all generations of music lovers and I could not help but notice that people barely used their phones. Of course, there are the occasional snaps and Instagram videos but it was rare to see people glued to their phones or interrupting the music for conversation.

Aside from the October celebration, next month iiiPoints is also getting ready for Art Basel announcing acts like Wu-Tang and Björk.

I could go on forever as to why iiiPoints wins at everything they do but here are my top 10 moments of the festival. PRO TIP: Avoid fomo and make sure to get youR tickets for iiiPoints X Art Basel here.

10. Kali Uchis

There's nothing like a humble artist who shows up on time for their set, moves the crowd, and leaves it all on the state. My little Colombianita Kali Uchis was sick the night of her set and also had to run to Gorillaz for their track She's My Collar, voice cracking and with tremenda gripe, Kali still sang her ass off and performed every track, finishing off with a remix of Ridin Round. A trooper and a boss betch, it made a statement she still followed through with her set.

9. Arca

I accidentally walked into this performance and honestly Arca gave me life. In heels and all the dj/producer from Venezuela performed on his b-day and had the whole crowd wishing him a happy born day. Although I could only make out braaat, braat ,tat, tat ,tat, from his lyrics it was still a great performance because of that gender non-conforming energy he brought to the stage.

8. Technology

Need I say more? iiiPoints immerses spectators in technology with VR activation's, 3D immersive art and large-scale installations.


7. Porn Nail$

Seriously, I have no idea how the iiiPoints team thought to include the Porn Nail$ van but it's pretty genius. The idea even though relatively modern, let's you get a cute mani right before your fav set and catch some feminist- style porn with your nail lady. Not weird at all right?

6.Food Selections

The vegan in me was jumping for joy to see plant-based options at the festival. I had the $10 vegan burger from Full Bloom and the vegan pumpkin doughnut from The Salty Donut. #yum

5.I love people and one of my favorite things about iiiPoints is the style and the crazies that show up for the tunes. Miami has great flavour and swag and iiiPoints gives them a place to shine.


Most of the words that have ever been written by Roam Free have been to the soundtrack of Bonobo. Last time he was here I was recovering from a broken toe and could not make the show so I was hella grateful to see him on the lineup. His show was amazing, even though I may be biased.


The Electric Pickle, Made in Miami, Link Miami Rebels, The Love Below, Castaway Dither , Slap & Tickle all had stages at iiiPoints and the presentation of such is just as important as the artists on the stage. Last year three points had sage burning and crystals hanging for a special performance of Dipset and honestly I just love the spiritual gangsta vibe it gave me.

2. Mark Ronson

It may have been because Mark Ronson produced the Back To Black album or Amy Winehouse carries a special place in my heart, but this man can put on a show. He topped it off with an Amy tribute that had the whole crowd breakout in chorus.


Kay had to be my number one because I have never seen a DJ break it down the way he did while spinning one the 1's and 2's. The entire set was a cluster of jazz, neo-soul and 99.9%. I think in this tweet iiiPoints was trying to hint at something, but we'll just leave it as a coincidence. Get into Kaytranada if you know what's good for you.

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