Still spinning laid-back beats in Miami

According to Peachfuzz, their party is your girlfriend's favorite.

The R&B-hip-hop party has been in Miami since 2011. Adrian Douzmanian, a local DJ, known as DZA and his close friends Pres Rodriguez and Raul Sanchez started it in a room upstairs of Grand Central, a now defunct live-music venue in Miami.

"Grand Central used to use [that room], The Garrett, as a green room," Douzmanian said. "I kept telling them it would be perfect for a party and after bugging them for so long they finally let me do it."

He enlisted the help of Ashley Ocampo, known as Ashley Outrageous, a promoter well known in the Broward area, to bring over folks to Miami for the event. After about two years of hosting the party she moved to New York, and now present-day host Norma Moreno, known as NormaNow, took over.

"A host's job is to make people feel comfortable. I think people get confused as to what the host does versus putting your face on the flyer," Moreno said. "I'm going to make sure you're having a good time, and you want to come here every Friday."

For the first year the event averaged about 300 people, but by the following summer, crowds were reaching up to 700, with lines wrapping around the building, with wait times exceeding an hour.

The crew agrees that the reason for their success is the way they cater to locals. They say they've never been ones to pick models out of crowds, or switch up their laid-back style for well-heeled patrons. For them, it's about having fun with the people who have supported their movement since day one. Their party is also free, and the first hour includes varying drink specials.

"Nightlife doesn't care about the locals. They just care about the bottom line. Peachfuzz has never been about that; it's about taking take of your people first and by that it's the people who are regulars and created the identity of the party," Moreno said.

Pancho De Pablo, who's been attending the party since it began, says Peachfuzz has evolved other the years, and its strength lies in giving people something to do on a weekly basis.

"Peachfuzz was the only thing to do on a Friday when it first started. They created something that was a hub for people to claim. Like anything it started with a good crowd and as the years passed by when it started becoming something people referenced, that's when I knew it was a thing."

Up until March of this year, Peachfuzz was a weekly party, but after Grand Central closed its doors and their rebound location at The Thompson didn't work out, Basement Miami, at The Miami Beach Edition, became their permanent home. Aside from switching venues, they also changed the format of the event from weekly to once a month.

Aside from planning Peachfuzz, all of its members have side projects. The new format allows for them to plan in advance, and bring local or mainstream acts to their stage. Past musicians include singer Mya and Trina. For their next party, this Friday, local DJ Craze will be spinning alongside DZA.

"Peachfuzz is a cool way to tie us all together while having fun. A weekly party for four years is very stressful, and it's not a bad thing, but on a Friday night it becomes borderline homework," Douzmanian said. "A way to keep your party interesting is having it evolve into something different. We've had more bookings in the last month than we've had all of the Peachfuzz. Doing it once a month allows all of us to do our own thing as well."

The Peachfuzz friends are also planning on taking the themed party to other parts of the country like San Francisco and New York and have even discussed taking it internationally to Toronto. But no matter where the party is hosted, the team said people can always expect them to bring their fun vibes to their party.

"When you go to Peachfuzz it's like going to a high school party with all your friends. Except you're adults, and you can drink now. Everyone knows each other, and everyone has a good time with each other," Douzmanian said. "Everyone feels like they belong with each other. It's like going to a family party."

Peachfuzz is a monthly party held at the Basement in The Edition Hotel, located at 2901 Collins Ave., in Miami Beach. The party is free. Guests are encouraged to get there as soon as the bowling alley doors open at 10 p.m. Their next party will be this Friday August 5, with special guest DJ Craze.

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