Share your heartbreak at Love Lost Miami

Courtesy of Love Lost Miami

"Love Lost, Miami" is an exhibit of objects related to loss, and their accompanying stories. It crowdsources objects from our own city's residents, helping these seemingly ordinary items come alive as deeply personal artifacts with the help of their accompanying narratives.

Relics of unfinished romances and broken bridges, deserted homelands and missed opportunities, endured trauma, dodged bullets, and peaceful resignation - through them, love lost becomes a communal mosaic colored with shares of sadness, anger, gratitude, even humor. Miami is usually typecast as a superficial city, but this project aims to bring forth a deeper aspect of our collective emotional story by uniting Miamians in a shared moment of release, communal grief, remembrance, and even joy.

Love Lost invites you to submit your story from now until September 1st. However, those who submit before July 1st will have a chance to participate in a truly special project around the exhibit; they cannot disclose the details yet, but will provide further information after your submission is received.

If you were touched and inspired by "Love Lost, Miami" last year - they would appreciate you passing this message along to your friends and loved ones so they too can connect with the growing community and consider submitting an object.


Courtesy of The Love Lost Team