Seattle producer Sango playing in Miami at Bardot

Producer, graphic designer and beat-creator Sángo has been rising in the music scene since his first show in San Diego back in 2012. The 24-year-old Seattleite is now releasing his first self-proclaimed “debut” album and the second body of work with his label and crew Soulection, but for now Kai Wright will be taking the carpet at Bardot at 10 p.m. Thursday in Midtown Miami.

Describe your creative process. Do you have a structure or an outline or is it more stream of consciousness?

Sometimes I have three things in rotation. I have ideas, experiments that I’m working with musically, or sometimes I’ll work on my album for a bit, or sometimes I’ll do outside work like producing for people like Bryson Tiller or people like GoldLink. I’m producing beats so every time I open my computer or go to the studio it’s for an artist or for myself or just for experimentation purposes. That’s how the Da Rocinha series the Brazilian series came about. I was experimenting and talking with my friend from Brazil, and I ended up making three albums out of that.

Speaking of albums, when can we expect the next one?

I’m not sure because I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I’m going to release it. I consider this my actual debut album. Everything else I’ve been doing looking back, I think I would have waited, but I’m glad I did release those. This project I’m working on now is called “In The Comfort Of” and that’s going to be my album, and I’m going to push it everywhere. I say realistically no later than spring 2017.

Will this album have a distinct sound?

It’s going to be everything you’ve heard from me at this point. I have some heavy hip-hop sounds, some R&B, some gospel influence and some Brazilian influence. One of my favorite type of experiments I’ve been working on now is trying to mix Colombian and Mexican cumbia with R&B, but just subtle, real subtle not heavy. That’s what I’m working on now.

Family is essential to you, and you mentioned that your wife inspired “North.” How does having a supportive partner encourage your creativity?

The best way I can describe it is constantly having someone over your back in a good way. If you’re discouraged, to keep you going, or if you’re feeling very confident, to cheer you on when you’re doing great. Aside from making music, it’s psychologically and mentally healthy. Regardless of what I’m doing I’m bound to have success because of that healthy relationship. The way that ties into “North” — it made me dig deep and find other ways to inspiration instead of just stumbling upon beats or ideas and just putting things together.

You’re riding a wave of momentum with your projects, and soon you’ll be in Miami. What’s it like for you when you come here and how do feel we receive you? Do you think Miami is “with it” when it comes to music?

I feel like you guys are ahead when it comes to stuff I play. It works there because you guys get it. You guys grew up with it, and it makes sense. If I’m playing a Fuego song, that stuff just goes because you guys get it, I feel like I’m in front of a crowd that understands the language, literally. I can’t do that in Minneapolis, but in Miami, I can really go in when it comes to my Brazilian stuff. You can tell people from Miami are different, and there’s so much culture there, it’s like a Miamian culture — I can’t explain it. Shout out to Miami culture because it’s all one.

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