Pans Permia, at Bardot, Is Everywhere and Always Changing

Photo by Colin Fitzgibbon

Miami’s art-rock five-piece Pans Permia is ever-changing. "Machinery," the band's newest lyric video and an exclusive release for Miami New Times, details humans' ability to make up for our mortal deficits through technology.

Frontman Adrian Garcia is excited about the changes the band is experiencing because after downsizing a member, the guys have found a way to amplify their sound. Inspired by the group Other Lives' heavy looping of instruments into their music, Garcia wanted to imitate that technique and personalize it.

For its latest release, Pans Permia has created a mock orchestra. They begin with a sound and build, adding up to seven loops at a time with violins, clarinets, and other woodwind instruments.

“We’re not looping one instrument and just letting it play," Chris Valente, the electric bassist, says. "Each of us has an orchestra of sound at our fingertips. Each of us has a synthesizer, a guitar, percussion, and we all sing, and any of these things are looped in real time, and you end up with an ethereal, ambient sound. It’s driven by this incredible, live drum-set sound."

Along with their audible sensory ride, Pans Permia adds visuals to performances. Their next show, May 31 at Bardot, will include a light show with bulbs that flicker in sync with the beats. If you’ve already gotten through last year's EP, Oracle, there will be more at Bardot. The guys will debut their new single, "Taste of Land and Sea," to be released in July.

Pans Permia is the ever-changing nature of the origin of life, which is what happens to our music — it's ever-changing,” Valente says. “It started with an idea, which turned into a spark and has now erupted into this ocean of sound — an ocean of noise that’s pleasing — and everyone is welcomed to come check it out.”

Pans Permia

11 p.m. Wednesday, May 31, at Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Admission is free. Ages 21 and up. Visit

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