Music, Art, Technology, iii Points embraces all three

iii Points pulled off its fourth year.

Pushing a whole production through what seemed like the worst hurricane to hit Miami in years it was improbable that the show would run as scheduled.

Sure, it was hard to navigate the scene at first, and the stage names were tricky to identify in the beginning, but by day three on Sunday I felt like a pro.

III Points saw about 25,000 people wander by its lighted wooden triangle and took place last weekend from October 7 to the 9. Merging music, technology, and art the festival offered a perfect balance of what is real to Miami at its core. Not only were the improvements significant in logistics but the aesthetics were strikingly contrasted and upgraded from last year. The layout allowed for a smooth wave of people to enter and exit swiftly and minimized lines for tickets and press passes by the ten-fold.

One of my favorite areas was Sunset@Noon; the immersive installation is the brainchild of artist Aileen Quintana who turned the 6,000 square feet into a park of neon lights, mannequins in air forces, a stage for local DJ’s and vendors to play.

Friday’s most notable performances were Chrome Sparks and Vince Staples, which equally kept the audience, entertained and garnered the most views from the day I noticed was lowest in attendance.

The rest of the weekend saw perfect weather, nostril-permeating scents of burning sage and crowds that gave the event festival vibes. Throughout the venue, small containers formed a village each with a world inside. From JoJo Tea tastings to healing spaces like yoga areas and makeshift theaters the festival housed local vendors and artists in 20-foot spaces. Jeff Barones of Bonafida Design brought the shipping container installation dubbed Container World to life. There was even a pop-up barbershop on site giving complimentary cuts to for the guys. And the Porn Nail$ van glammed up the ladies with manicures by donation.

Thievery Corporation took Saturday with their set on the Mind Melt stage leading as one of the weekend’s most unforgettable performances. Their famous track “Lebanese Blonde” electrified the crowd leaving everyone begging for more.

Method Man and Redman who simultaneously kept viewers locked in the darkest room at the Main Frame took it back to the old school. The duo reminisced about original hip-hop culture shouting out greats like Big L, Big Pun, ODB, Biggie, Tupac and Shorty Lo, and instead of pouring it out for their homies Red Man lit a 12-inch blunt, took a few puffs and shared his offering with the front row. They finished thanking their fans for years of support and hit us with their banger Da Rockwilder aka la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaa.

And as all good things must come to an end Sunday crept up reminding us that we ‘de have to wait for another 365 until the badass production team could bring us another weekend of incredible acts who don’t usually keep the 305 in mind for shows.

Sunday was the wildest and served the juiciest lineup. M83, Flying Lotus, and local indie rockers SunGhosts were some of the liveliest acts. But Flying Lotus in true alternative fashion killed it with trippy visuals and even brought back to the stage local rapper Denzel Curry for a cipher.

As I stood there taking in all the greatness that III Points embodied I could not help but feel a sense of pride in my community and the beings that put this event together. Miami has transformed itself into a mecca that leaves little to envy to more established metropolitan cities and III Points represents all of that, but most importantly it represents us.