Meet Them Mondays: Visiting Detained Immigrants with Friends of Miami-Dade Detainees

Living under the Trump administration has put a lot of pressure on people to wake up and see what racist policies can do to a nation and to thousands of people - particularly immigrants. Friends of Miami-Dade Detainees is a visitation program run by Bud Conlin and assisted by Wendy King.

Through FOMDD, people of the community can visit an immigrant detained at the Krome Detention Center in Homestead, Florida. I went and saw the facility for myself and visited with an immigrant from Sudan who grew up in the United States and found himself on a wrong path. He was charged for a crime, and his immigration status led to him being detained because of his status. It was cold, we were searched, and the group of five women who went with me all went to visit a detainee. One girl coincidentally ended being paired with a detainee whom she went to high school with. That was wild. The facility is a bit intimidating but it's not impossible to attend, in fact if you're documented and have the time, it is your responsibility to be a watchdog of your community and schedule a visitation. For more information visit…ade-detainees/