Meet Them Mondays: The Love Hurts Edition

For this episode of Meet Them Mondays I had a phenomenal storytelling duo in the studio.

Nicholas Garnett and Esther Martinez are the editors and producers of Lip Service: True Stories Out Loud. Lip Service is a storytelling theatrical performance where people submit real life stories and get to read them in front of an audience.

The Miami Book Fair adopted the program back in 2012 and since then Lip Service has gone on to partner with local organizations and put together events like Storypalooza - informal storytelling events where readers get feedback from a panel, and official Lip Service events with eight readers, each with eight minute stories.

You'll hear us speak about the art of storytelling and the "high" readers experience after telling their stories. The topics always vary, but most times readers find themselves sharing secrets and life events that they've never been able to say out loud.

Both Esther and Nic agree on the healing properties that sharing a story for others to hear can do for the heart and soul.

On Saturday April 21, Lip Service is back with a program on the subject of "moving on" anyone is invited to submit a story to more details to come or simply send them an email.

Toward the end of this episode you'll hear a reading from Nic and Esther - please note these stories contain sensitive topics.

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