Meet Them Mondays: LEAP - Ladies Empowerment And Action Program

The Ladies Empowerment And Action Program known as LEAP is the first of its kind and the only entrepreneurship training program dedicated to preparing incarcerated women re-enter their communities and be financially independent. LEAP pairs inmates with mentors, equips them with skills and training to gain employment as they exit prison. They also provide them with educational programs and knowledge to create a small business. The goal of the program is to provide participants with the tools and support to sustain themselves by gaining jobs or the ability to create their own economic opportunities.

For this episode of Meet Them Mondays you'll meet some of the women from LEAP and a graduate of the program.

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The show will be posted to this page after and for more information on LEAP click here.

For the LEAP Dragonfly Boutique opening on December 13 click here

For the LEAP 2 Annual Sip&Shop event on December 2 click here

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