Meet Them Mondays: Latinx singer Xenia Rubinos, representando in her music

Xenia Rubinos

"I finally found someone who's telling my story."

Those were my first thoughts when I listened to Xenia Rubinos. The Puerto Rican/ Cuban Afro-Latina singer- songwriter is using her music to share the narrative of Latino's, POC and self-proclaimed brown girls in America.

We connected for a special episode of #MeetThemMondays and I'm so excited to have her share her human experience with you all in this recorded phone interview. She's currently on tour promoting her sophomore album "Black Terry Cat" and we spoke on one of her days off.

If you have not heard of Xenia Rubinos I recommend you binge listen to her latest album, or head over to my Instagram and catch some of her concert in Denver, which I am currently on a flight back from. She's hoping to come down to Miami eventually, but until then I brought her to you for this episode.

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Get to know her today by listening to the interview below and stay in touch with her on Instagram @XeniaRubinos or head to her site to catch her on tour.