Meet Them Mondays: JennyLee Molina Miami's Cafecito Queen

Courtesy of JennyLee Molina

If you've ever been to The Leah Arts District, a #HialeahNow event, or rejoiced in drinking your cafecito at 3:05 p.m, Miami's official coffee break time, you can thank the JLPR team.

JennyLee Molina, the principal and founder at the firm, is the marketing genius behind some of Miami's favorite institutions and a culture cultivator in the 305.

She began her business seven years ago soon after her son's birth and has been putting on for Miami's locals ever since.

In this podcast, you'll get to know Jenny on a personal level. You'll meet the passionate mother and wife who manages to balance work and parenting and hear about her struggles as a creative artist who's had to wear thick skin in the name of her work. Read the article here Jenny and the JLPR team work from the heart and pour love into Miami and I'm excited and humbled to introduce you to this powerhouse.

Get to know her today by listening to the interview below and stay in touch with her on Instagram @JennyLeeIsMe or @JLPR. You can also head to for more info.

Make sure to check back, May 15, for another episode of #MeetThemMondays.

Thanks for listening.