Meet Them Mondays: Body Paintography with Cynthia Fleischmann

Cynthia and I were bound to meet.

Before the universe finally aligned our paths I had met her by chance last year at a gallery when I was on assignment for Pierce, Mark, Morph.

Cynthia Fleischmann is an artist who specializes in body paintography, painting naked bodies into their environment and photographing them for exhibition.

Her journey as an amputee after losing her right leg in an accident last year has been defined by her positive state of mind and humorous approach.

Cynthia is establishing her femininity, sex, and independence her way and has overcome this accident by living in purpose with a greater sense of awareness and life.

I can't remember being this nervous in a long time. A part of this tension comes from wanting so hard to be mindful with such a gentle gem of a person, but her realness and receptiveness allowed me to be honest and curious.

This story is one of triumph and perception, and I am honored to share it with you today on #MeetThemMondays.

Remember to check back every Monday for #MeetThemMondays. To stay in touch with Cynthia Fleischmann follow her on Instagram @BodyPaintography - add her on Facebook and support her art by visiting her site She's also working on a gondola project and would like to collaborate with the community. If you would like to work with Cynthia reach out to her on Facebook.