Meet Them Mondays: Ballroom Culture in South Florida

Courtesy of the Jungle Ball

Tonight's Meet Them Mondays has been a long time coming and I'm so excited it is finally here. I was introduced to the ballroom scene the moment I stepped into my first gay club circa 2006.

The room was packed with people all dripping sweat, but the dance floor had a clear runway. This magical place is respected among those "walking" or "voguing" and many of these club goers are actually competitors and dancers who hold ranks in what are called "houses."

For today's episode we'll be breaking down ballroom culture with special guests Alexis Lords, who founded The House of Lords in 1994 in South Florida and longtime MC and competitor Nikki Blaque.

If you've never experienced a kiki ball fear not, this weekend Alexis Lords and TBoy Mizrahi are hosting the legendary Jungle Ball at The Hangar in Miami.

This is a recording of the live show hosted at Jolt Radio.

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You can also listen to the recording here:

For more information visit check out the Facebook event. Tickets will be sold at the door $30.

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