Meet Them Mondays: Art and Activism

The internet has such a strange way of connecting people sometimes, but it's really cool when those connections come full circle. This past week was Miami Art Week also known as Art Basel and I met some inspiring women. On the fly I invited one of them to meet me on Meet Them Mondays to speak with me and the listeners about her project.

Veronica Urrea, also known as V is behind Visionnaire Collective recently starting her business to represent artists and has found a way to curate a squad of badass creative ladies on her team.

V along with 30 Voices will be spearheading an event celebrating Intentional Women's Day in San Francisco for 2018.

I also had Alessandra Mondolfi and Melanie Oliva also known as art activists who participated in the March Against The Patriarchy during Basel drawing attention to the political statements they represent with props and signs and other visuals they've come to get recognition for.

For this episode you'll meet all three women who although have many differences all seem to merge together creatively and in expression.