Meet Them Mondays: 4/20 Edition with Stoner Girl Diary

Stoner Girl Diary

April 20th aka 4/20 is known in cannabis culture as National Marijuana Day. For this episode of Meet Them Mondays I'll be interviewing Mari and Biz of Stoner Girl Diary. Two dope queens from Miami who are changing the narrative of what it means to be a stoner girl with their YouTube series SGD where they educate, smoke, and dive into the world of weed.

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For a visual see us live in the studio the night of by heading to Facebook and if you miss the show it will be pinned on this post right after.

Stay in touch with me, your host Christian Portilla, via social media @RoamFreeWrites and with SGD @StonerGirlDiary Check back April 23 for a new Meet Them Mondays episode on Jolt Radio.