Meet Them Mondays: 2017 year recap with my first co-host & wife Melani

I’m your host Christian Portilla and for this show I was accompanied by my lovely co-host and wife Melani aka @MeloMelz.

For those of you that follow my work and my socials you may see my wife behind the scenes and forever my plus one at the events I cover. I asked her to come on the last show of the year because she’s been through this crazy ride with me from the jump and I wanted you all to meet her and give her some air time. She basically lives this journalism career with me but on the silent end.

At the start of the new year I am going to add more to this site and to the Meet Them Mondays platform.

For starters I'm going to bring more of the human element and focus more on telling every day stories of life.

I have been focusing a lot on community, but I also cover culture and lifestyle and I want to bring more of those experiences to this show. With that being said I’d like to have more of you submit your story ideas via email to: with the subject line Meet Them Mondays.

Themes should be about your life experiences and things you’ve gone through * nothing is off topic * but I want people to hear more human elements to unite us more to each other and really expose the common thread we share in this life journey.

We are also changing Meet Them Mondays to every other Monday meaning you'll hear us live on the second and last Monday of the month. Right now we go live on the second and third Monday but our new schedule begins February since I am taking January off to focus on the one year anniversary celebration for Meet them Mondays.