Meet Them Mondays: 17 years of Viernes Culturales

If you call yourself a Miamian but have never attended a Viernes Culturales, do yourself a favor and head to Little Havana the last Friday of the month and pay respects to the liveliest carnaval Miami has to offer, who by the way, turns 17 this month.

Viernes Culturales began as a community event to enrich the troubled area of Little Havana, but fast forward more than a decade later and the monthly gathering has flourished into the center stage of multiculturalism in our city.

Pati Vargas, who now directs the monthly celebration sat down with us to speak about the way to event has changed the community, the struggles to find funding, and how the Viernes model continues to thrive despite the pushback from those in the city and community.

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