Maddy Kramer Says Yes To Building A Wall

Maddy Kramer says yes to building a wall. The most beautiful wall that is and no, it's not the type of wall Trump has in mind.

In fact, it's the opposite of everything he's said and artist Madlenne "Maddy" Kramer wants to fill it with art from immigrants living in the states or those who created art while living in America. All type of art is welcomed she said, but she especially wants to highlight the creations of those Trump says are not welcome in this country.

"I'm not a fan of our president, and the idea came from his words actually which is kind of ironic. He said he wanted to make it beautiful and huge and all these adjectives he uses and I thought we should make it beautiful- by making a statement. Art is more powerful than any wall. And I was thinking about how we could make this aesthetic interesting enough, and we should get people excited to work on it."

The most beautiful wall is a digital, left scrolling website that Maddy says will extend for about 1,926 digital miles, the approximate miles Trump says he'll build his wall. Since launching the project last week, people have submitted their pieces to display on the site. Maddy says just about anything is welcome and most of the pieces up now align with the political protest theme. She says The most beautiful wall will be a place for immigrants and other marginalized people to speak through their creativity which she hopes will eventually reach Trump.

This isn't the first time Maddy uses the president's words to create art.

During the election when Trump said Hillary was using her "woman's card" to get more votes Kramer and other artists decided if women were going to have a card, it would be a card they were proud of. The deck of "Queen" cards features women who have made strides in the word regardless of their gender, dubbing them Yas Queens.

Maddy enlisted the help of other female and male artists around the world to submit their favorite female leaders and came up with a full deck; they called the Woman Card Project. Queens such as Angela Davis, Frida Kahlo, and even the Queen B herself Beyonce Knowles can be seen featured through illustrations. Proceeds are used for re-printing and donating to programs of the donor's choosing.

"I'm definitely a feminist, and I started talking about this woman card idea with my friends after he said Hillary was using hers to get ahead in the election- funny enough she didn't win. We started gathering illustrators from all over the world, and people were submitting their version of a queen. We created a full deck and have one joker, which is Donald Trump. After we finished the first desk we re-printed it and we've been selling decks ever since. Every deck sold gives money back to a non-profit. We wanted to give back to the community and help women through this initiative."

With these projects, Maddy hopes to continue making a statement while getting the masses activated and excited to showcase their voices, thoughts, and ideas even in a time where people feel they may have to hide who they are in this country.

"Overall I'm excited to see what people are going to send; it's about promoting the wall with positive statements. Anything you're proud of or anything you want to share, I would be happy to add it to the wall. Any art is welcome if it's not offensive. Ultimately I want people to feel empowered. Together we are higher than any wall."

To submit your work to #TheMostBeautifulWall, or someone else's email : . Anything from poetry, photography, illustrations, and even videos are welcomed. Even if the art is not your own but inspires you Maddy will publish it with the credit to the right owner.

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