Lone Wolf OMB

I first met Bruno Esposito, during a Sofar Sounds Miami concert back in October. His grizzly voice audibly captured me and his swagger could easily make The Slackers beg him to be their eighth member. Esposito who's known by his musical name Lone Wolf OMB (One Man Band) is a singer, songwriter and all around interesting person who's lived all over Miami. As soon as I saw him I knew he was someone who I needed to speak with. It could have been the idea of a man who is so self-sufficient and independent he decided he was the only one who he needed to make a band. Or those exaggerated jolt-like currents sent from his body in order to play his foot drum, banjo, harmonica and belt out ragged hymns, but the man is really a one-man show, and a captivating one at that.

What do you do in Miami? How did you find your way here?

My family immigrated to America from Italy. I'm the last of four siblings. I was in diapers when we came to Miami in 1978 .I grew up in Kendall.I do quite a bit around town. I've been a cook and baker in this town for over 20 years. I freelance in stringed instrument repair and stay active in the underground music scene as a solo artist.

What do you love and dislike about the city?

I love the bodies of water and beautiful ocean we have. I love that it's a Latin American and Caribbean melting pot. I think that's what gives this city its charm. I guess I dislike what most everyone is bothered by in this city . The heat and humidity of the summer months and the traffic at the peak of rush hour.

What kind of musician are you? How many years have you been working on your craft?

I've been playing music since I was about 19, but I always like to think of myself as a student of music. I am always learning and keep an open mind to different styles and techniques of playing. I'd say my favorite styles are punk rock, swamp blues, pre-war country music, rag time and jug band music. I'd like to think my compositions are a gumbo of these genres.

What are the benefits or challenges of being a OMB?

Benefits are the independence and freedom one has when being one person. Loading and unloading equipment for gigs alone is always a challenge. The gear always seems to multiply over the years too making it a bit more strenuous to haul.

Are you happy?

For the most part I feel very happy and fortunate in my life, but I do have my demons as well. If life was happy all the time that would be boring. Struggles make me feel good about life. Failure is always a learning experience and is something that I have learned to embrace over the years.

What are you working on now and what inspired it?

I have a ton of compositions that I want to record. I haven't released an album since 2013 so I'm excited to record again.

How can the Miami community help you? What do you need from Miami or from your community?

UNITY I'd like to see less envy and greed in our arts community. There's always that one [person] or group of people that need drama and conflict to feel good about their life. I'd like to see more unity, respect, better collaborations and communication within the scene, and the band budgets at venues could always be higher. 😬

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