Karen Elmir, CEO of The Elmir Group, is a 29-year-old Miami native and Miami Dade College graduate who was born to a Cuban mother and Lebanese father. She has risen through the ranks of South Florida’s real estate elite through trusted relationships and expert knowledge, being recognized as a top producer for Cervera Real Estate. She has led her group in sales of more than $350 million.

Elmir sat with INDULGE to describe her journey so far.

Real Estate Chose Her

“Growing up in an era when Miami’s real estate business was exploding, I was able to see the city grow before my eyes. I was inspired to see my career path directly impact the community I love as well as being able to have a personal connection with clients.”

Mentors Matter

“The Elmir Group operates under Cervera Real Estate, a family-owned company built around three generations of Cervera women. One of them is Veronica Cervera Goeseke. She has been the perfect mentor for me. She began her career in real estate in 1980 and has worked in every aspect of the business. The wealth of knowledge she has passed on to me is something I hope to pass on to future realtors.”

Language Advantage

“Knowing more than one language will give you a leg up in any field you work in. I know English, Arabic and Spanish. That has allowed me to broaden my reach and establish professional relationships with a larger demographic.”

Home in the Grove

“I consider Coconut Grove my home because that is where I grew up. We spent a lot of time in the ’90s at CocoWalk, and even now it feels nostalgic when I walk through the area. Coconut Grove offers everything you want in a neighborhood: parks, markets, marinas, lush landscape, a rich history.”

Do the Work

“I prepare myself for a big sale by becoming knowledgeable in the area and in the potential buyer. Buyers want to work with someone who they trust to make sure they are making the best decision possible. I familiarize myself with every aspect of an area to guide the buyer in making an informed decision.”

Go the Extra Mile

“I personally go to see all the properties that compare to the ones we are negotiating to discover all the details. Anyone can look at the specifications of a property online, but you never truly understand the listing, let alone competitive listings, unless you visit the property yourself. I like to take this care when setting prices in order to be able to support my reasoning in negotiations.”

Leave a Legacy

“I want to be known as a trustworthy and personable agent. My goal is to treat each client with the same amount of care and respect. This industry is all about relationships, and I want to leave a legacy of putting people first.”

Breathe and Move On

“The trick to dealing with failure is looking at it as a learning experience. There’s a lesson to take out of every situation. If a sale falls through, I take a breath and move on. These things happen.”

INDULGE is Miami’s premier luxury lifestyle magazine, published by the Miami Herald.

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