Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent

Executive Producer and chef extraordinaire Anthony Bourdain brings to the big screen the story of one of America's first celebrity chefs and pioneer of California cuisine.

Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent a film directed by Lydia Tenaglia tells the story of the father of American gastronomy Jeremiah Tower.

In a painful introduction to the character Tower describes his emotionally troubled childhood and abandonment juxtaposing it with curious travels and food he was experienced. His exploration led him on the path of becoming a great entertainer and chef and when he landed at the door of the famed Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse in 1972 its founder Alice Waters could not turn him away.

After a drift with Waters, Tower went on to launch his own extravagant Stars Restaurant in San Francisco. Stars was an instant hit among socialites and celebrities becoming one of America’s most successful restaurants.

Despite the fame and money Tower abruptly walked away from his business and then disappeared from the scene for almost 20 years. He finally resurfaced in New York City’s Tavern on the Green.

Re-inventing himself and those around him, Tower came back to his unfinished business re-launching himself into the culinary jungle. This documentary tells the history of a living legend who's complicated life and talent has impacted American diners in more ways than one and introduces on first account that creativity and ego can push man to the brink of greatness or madness.

The film which opened on Friday May 19 will be available in select theaters nationwide. For more information click here.