III POINTS MUSIC, ART & TECHNOLOGY FESTIVAL is back this year October 13 to 15 and if you have short term memory and are wondering why I'm telling you this in advance it's because their Prophet Pass just went on sale.

What is the Prophet Pass you ask? Think of it as the golden ticket allowing you into all the music, fun and technology IIIPOINTS has to offer for $99 bucks.

As you know I'm all about #SupportYourLocals and IIIPOINTS is as grassroots as it gets. The city becomes activated with musicians, artists and immersive technology and all your friends are going to be there. An estimated 25,000 people showed up last year through even through the hurricane Mathew and in true Miami fashion IIIPOINTS hosted the biggest hurricane party the city's ever seen.

If you missed it last year, you can find my coverage here, and if you're about investing in the future, music and technology head over to http://iiipoints.com/ to purchase your tickets.