Have an idea for an art project? Knights Arts Challenge wants to fund you

Are you an artist who has a brilliant idea, but not the funds? Let me introduce you to the Knights Arts Challenge

The Knights Arts Challenge is donating $7.8 million to grassroots ideas in four cities including our own backyard. If you could use the money to do good in our community, they want to hear from you, submissions open in March so start getting your ideas ready! If you want more information or know a friend who would share this article on social media.

Click here to see winning ideas from last year.

To qualify your idea/project must :

Revolve around the artsTake place in or benefit one of the four communities in Akron- Ohio, Detroit, Miami or St. Paul- MinnesotaFind the money to match the amount of grant won

For more information visit http://www.knightfoundation.org/challenges/knight-arts-challenge