Cielito Artisan Pops Offers Cool Treats for You and Your Pup

Sindy Posso Photo courtesy: Kevin Arrieta

Cielito Artisan Pops is now open in Wynwood, where it serves customized treats on a stick.

Cofounder Sindy Posso, an architect by trade, says she always wanted to have her hand in the kitchen. The concept of artisan pops was inspired at home.

"In my family, we have a background of ice cream and cakes. My grandmother baked, and I had all her recipes. The idea is a play on her idea, and we wanted to keep it just like my grandmother would do it. We source locally and back-to-basics, using hormone-free dairy and seasonal fruit."

Indeed, the operation is a multigenerational family affair. Her mother, husband, sister, and mother-in-law also help Posso run the shop.

At any given time, Cielito offers anywhere from 16 to 23 varying flavors of ice pops. "I love that people can hold us accountable to use natural products, because they know if we don't have a particular flavor it's because it's not in season," Posso says. "Some fruits are always in season, like watermelon or guayaba, but we really only use what we can get our hands on."

The shop, located in the iconic black-and-white-striped Wynwood Building, also serves ice-pop hybrids such as guayaba y queso, containing a guayaba marmalade filling with a touch of cinnamon; brownie mousse with passionfruit; and avocado. A vegan option is in the works.

Photo courtesy: Kevin Arrieta

Cielito hasn't forgotten about your furry best friend either. The shop also makes dog-friendly "pup-sicle" flavors such as banana with peanut butter, pumpkin with yogurt, and watermelon pineapple.

Prices start at $4.50 for an ice pop and go up to $8.30 for one with add-ons like drizzled chocolate, cocoa nibs, and rose petals. The shop also sells Twoolies, stuffed animals crafted by Mexican artisans.

Posso's husband, Ivan Sussman, says he's proud to see his wife making her dreams a reality after waiting for two years to open the shop. "I told her we are going to push this idea ahead and that she has my unconditional support," he says. "It took time to find the location and make sure it was all in order. Cielito was all her idea, and she was very meticulous about the aesthetic and vision she wanted, to tie in the full experience."

Cielito Artisan Pops. 2750 NW Third Ave., Suite 20A, Miami; 305-397-7392. Daily 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. (hours subject to change).

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