Brothers want consumers to say ‘Thx’ and donate when making online purchases

Brothers and founders of The Thx Co., Ricardo Jose Bueso, left, and Ricardo Juan Bueso. Photo provided to the Miami Herald Read more here:

Two Miami brothers hope to give a run for its money with their new “a social good” e-commerce market company, The Thx Co

Ricardo Jose and Ricardo Juan Bueso’s new online marketplace will allow consumers to purchase branded everyday goods and upon checkout, say thank you by donating to the charity of their choice.

The brothers spent two years creating a database that will allow people to navigate through causes and categories to support nonprofits across America that best resonate with them — and even continue to donate monthly through a subscription box offer.

Ricardo Jose and Ricardo Juan say they were inspired by their father Ricardo Bueso Sr., a wounded Vietnam veteran who in 2003 ran for president in his native country of Guatemala. Now, the 71-year-old spends his time visiting other veterans at Miami VA Healthcare System at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

His sons say Ricardo Sr. has instilled in them lives of generosity and love, not just for one’s self, but for others too.

“He’s always taught us about people, and serving them and the importance of that and how that’s not only the greatest blessing you can have, but that will make you the most successful,” Ricardo Jose said. “When you focus on serving people, and you get creative about serving your community and your surroundings.

“On any level — be it at home with your family, or on a corporate level with your company — focus on creating solutions,” Ricardo Jose said. “The money will always be there, and he who focuses on money will never have it, but rather he who focuses on the realities and making them better — that’s success.”

The Thx Co. runs with an unusual profit plan. Written into the company’s bylaws is a clause that it will never pocket profits. As the business grows and expenses increase, once they break even, the remainder of the proceeds will be given away, Ricardo Jose said.

Ricardo Jose explained how he and his brother plan to make money from the operation: “Within product costs, we include an admin fee for the company for salaries and general expenses. There will never be any profit sharing for owners. A for-profit operating like a nonprofit.”

The Thx Co. has launched a Kickstarter campaign to reach a goal of $55,000. As of Wednesday, 174 backers have pledged more than $35,000. The money will go to purchasing goods the brothers can add to their 25-product roster of coffee mugs, coffee beans, shirts, candles, notebooks, fragrances and T-shirts. They hope to purchase in bulk to keep costs and prices low.

The company hasn’t yet launched its selling website. Instead, branded products are given as rewards tied to Kickstarter pledges. After the Kickstarter campaign is over in February, a full website will launch where branded Thx Co. products will be sold online.

Jacques Holzmann purchased a few products from The Thx Co. and said he stands by its mission to help others in need.

“They’re great people who are in the process of making a product to help local communities,” Holzmann said. “I like giving back, but some companies are not transparent about how this is being done. The Thx Co. is great because they make it clear, and I feel comfortable in giving because I know how much is going to others. I think it’s going to change the game.”

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