Bomba Estéreo Channels Divine Feminine Energy and Changing Perceptions

Bomba Estéreo will be performing at The Fillmore Miami Beach Saturday, August 11. Credit Maria Jose Govea

Li Saumet and Simón Mejía of Bomba Estéreo will bring their signature electro-tropical sound to The Fillmore Saturday, August 11.

The Colombians known for their eclectic style and expressive political lyrics are fresh off the European leg of their tour, whcih is called "Jungla." The band has evolved by staying true to its signature sound, yet has changed its message since starting in 2005. Mejía says the experience and living out their art has led to their creative growth.

"We work with a different color palette now, but the style remains the same- electronic music from Colombia’s Caribbean coast," says Mejia. "We always feel comfortable experimenting. It's the base of all good art."

Good art and divine feminine energy are a powerful combination that has played a pivotal role in the band's success. Mejia says frontwoman Li Saumet's image and femme sensitivity is what the world most needs today.

"We’re seeing this energetic opening toward that," he says. "Maybe all of the political issues going on today are due to so much macho energy around. Guys that like to play with guns, boats, and convertibles and dig gold mines — it’s a bit pathetic."

Ayo" the band's 2017 album, snagged the Grammy award for best Latin rock, urban, or alternative album. It is the base for the current Jungla Tour. Mejia says it's all about keeping the music fresh and interesting.

"We always find a creative challenge even though it's the same music from the album we made one year ago. It’s about finding new ways to present this music, sonically and visually. I want people to perceive our dance music not only with their feet but with their heads and souls."

But Bomba is up for the challenge. The band's latest video, "Amar Así," which was released August 7, is a queer love story between two soldiers. It's a beautiful representation of how Bomba blends contemporary life with social, political and current issues.

"Soy Yo" gave brown girls worldwide a feminist anthem about being themselves. It reached 52 million views since dropping last year.

Mejía says band members are honored to be known as some of the many examples of Colombians in music.

"We’re part of a generation that took Colombia’s music to another level. There are many musicians involved in this. And yes it makes us proud to have achieved what we have with our music, which is not mainstream."

Bomba Estéreo, 8:30 p.m., Saturday August 11, at The Fillmore Miami Beach, 1700 Washington Ave, Tickets cost $ 27- $45 via