Beyond South Beach

If you're a Miami local then I'm sure you roll your eyes at the sight of those corny references that depict Miami as a place for drugs, sex and EDM, but that is NOT Miami. At least not all of it, and brother and sister duo Philipp and Alexandra Klumpp the creatives behind the popular Instagram account Beyond South Beach are setting the record straight.

The team explore different things to do in Miami outside of South Beach. They travel as far as Homestead and as close as their neighborhood of Coral Gables, and with each new post is history lesson or fun fact about the featured content. Their project which began about a year ago has taken off among Miami locals and those looking to explore the real Miami.

When and where was the first time you fell in love with Miami? Or have you always loved this city? I find that most people always want to move away and don’t see our city as a place where they can progress creatively or even professionally.

We’re siblings, born and raised in Miami but we have lived other places. I studied abroad and lived on the West Coast for two summers while Philipp went to college in NYC and worked a bit there and in LA afterwards. I think we both always knew we’d live in Miami permanently. Aside from loving our hometown, we see the city’s potential. It’s a relatively new city with not a lot of old money so if you're passionate and hardworking, you'll find you can progress. - Alex

I think a lot of the brain drain that happens in Miami (people leaving) is due to the city being very young, and the apparent lack of opportunities that comes with that. We see it differently, we see it as blank canvas ready to be built upon. It’s such a young city, and there’s great opportunity to bring Miami new ideas. - Philipp

Where did you grow up and how did your neighborhood influence you and your tastes?

We grew up in Little Havana, having chickens and running around barefoot. We later moved to Coconut Grove where we still reside. The two neighborhoods are totally different, one being predominantly Latin while the other is known for its history with artists. I think being immersed into both areas (and loving both equally) really made us appreciate the different sides Miami has to offer. - Alex

Since we grew up in these different neighborhoods and with different friends we were always exposed to different lifestyles of Miami and I think this has given us a greater and deeper understanding of Miami and the different lifestyles it can provide. The rich bohemian history of Coconut Grove along with Little Havana as a headquarters for Cubans definitely allowed us to experience different Miami stories. - Philipp

Why Beyond South Beach? Why do you think South Beach is not a good reference point to what Miami has to offer?

We appreciate South Beach but there is just so much more to Miami. South Beach is a few block radius that people automatically associate with Miami - the parties, beaches, Art Deco. And while we can appreciate all three, there is so much more to experience. If you come to Miami and only see South Beach, you haven't gotten to know the city at all. The different areas are what give this city its character. - Alex

We’d like to change the conversation people have about Miami. South Beach tends to always be the beginning of any Miami conversation for outsiders, and we wanted to change that. We felt compelled as locals to illuminate and shift the story. - Philipp

Beyond South Beach is your brand, but do you actually have a soft spot for it? Or are there places that feel like authentic Miami there?

We appreciate South Beach. We love the Art Deco architecture. I mean, Art Deco is awesome, a piece of our history and unique to Miami. There are a ton of amazing restaurants and cool bars. The views are beautiful too. But South Beach alone does not accurately represent the whole and heart of Miami. - Alex

When did you begin your exploration of our city and how did you start?

We’ve always been explorers in our city but we started exploring with BSB in mind a little over a year ago. We realized during a Eurotrip we took together (and previous travels as well) that outsiders automatically thought “South Beach” when they would hear we’re from Miami. They’d ask us about the parties, clubs, drugs and beaches. This led us to think about how Lebron said he was “taking his talents to South Beach” yet the AAA is Downtown. It’s a little misleading. We want people to know and appreciate the unique history that is here, the art, culture, people, events, etc. going on throughout the city. We want to bring to light all Miami has to offer, which is a lot, beyond South Beach. We want to shift Miami’s brand away from the stereotype. - Alex

Out of all the places you have both explored what are some of your favorite that you always fall back on? And what’s a must for tourists when they visit Miami?

We try to explore new places whenever we can. We go from Key Biscayne to Hialeah and everywhere in between. We’ll do work on our computers at Brothers + Brawlers in Wynwood and then grab a beer at Lincoln’s Beard Brewery in Westchester. We're all over the Miami map, checking out new places to provide new content.

Visitors should definitely walk down Calle Ocho. They should eat at Old Havana, grab an ice cream at Azucar, a quick cafecito at a counter and get loose at Ball & Chain. They should cruise down the beautiful Biscayne Blvd starting at Bayfront Park, passing the Biscayne Bay, Freedom Tower and the AAA (one of my favorite areas in Miami), all the way to Upper East Side to see the old ‘50s motels. The drive paints such a picture of Miami’s history and what it is today. They should check out Wynwood of course, and a rooftop bar in Downtown to appreciate our beautiful skyline. I could go on and on from Coconut Grove to Coral Gables but will stop here, check out our Instagram for more ideas ;) -Alex

Who is the voice of Beyond South Beach between both of you and how do you balance each other out? What are the roles you two take on for the project?

We founded this together. Alex as the writer/editor and Philipp as the brand manager. Together we come up with ideas. We’re constantly conceptualizing new content ideas, and are excited for our next roll out. We’re going to be doing something really cool for the shakers + movers of Miami, all in line with highlighting greater Miami and those pushing it forward. - Philipp

What direction would you like to see Miami go, and what can our community do more for you as Beyond South Beach or as Alex and Philipp?

We’d love to see Miami connect more. As public transportation becomes more available so will the inner connectivity of its suburbs, and creativity will flourish from this. We’d love to see Miami become a springboard for great lifestyle, community, and small businesses. - Philipp

What place in Miami do you still want to explore that you have not been able to and why?


With the Rubell family collection moving there and Taberna Las Rosas just opening up, seems like I have to start exploring what is attracting locals there. - Alex

You’re also adding events to your brand and growing in terms of content, what can we expect of Beyond South Beach for 2017 and what cool projects are you launching?

You can expect more collaborations and events. We're revamping our website and will be producing a lot more content, articles as well as video. We’re also managing a few local brands/companies, doing their social media marketing and branding. - Alex

There’s two sides to BSB, there’s the agency and the publication side, both of them working in tandem to complete the mission. Whether it’s strategic advertising that we can provide for clients, or it’s valuable content for all of Miami. We’re constantly producing and pushing for Miami. We’re illuminating and changing the conversation people have about Miami. It always seems to start with South Beach. We feel compelled as locals to shift the story. Stay tuned. - Philipp

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