Base Art Space: A Creative Factory in Little Haiti

Base Art Space in Little Haiti

Artist Marcus Blake finally has put down his roots.

The Miami local who's been curating events since the early 2000s is now hosting his events at his creative factory Base Art Space.

Located in Little Haiti the colorful home is covered in the artists signature swirls and "tapenology" style. The home is a new type of event space and studio area that boasts a weekly open mic night on Tuesday nights.

Blake opened the house with the intention to give local artists a way to create without the fees, restriction on hours of operation and limitations of other venues.

"I wanted to give people the stability of a place- a nest, without the responsibility of needing to sell alcohol, so the venue survives. I wanted to fill the void, and it was a necessity to have a stable nest where people can cultivate,” Blake said.

The push for the launch of his site came from the need to re-vamp and re-fresh his event, The Imperial, a weekly poetry and creative gathering.

Blake said people kept telling him they had art but nowhere to showcase, or newcomers to the city stated that they didn’t know about a place where they could create, and meet people in a setting that wasn't work restricted.

The requests eventually led him to open up the house turned creative factory and now the weekly open mic dubbed, The Portal, is a Tuesday night gathering in Little Haiti. Tickets cost $10 at the door, and people can sign up to share their music, spoken word, art and inspirational thoughts.

“All these creative people tell me they always want to do something and my answer to them is to make it happen. I had to do the same and not waste time. The faster you get it done, the more time you have to do what you love,” Blake said.

Currently, Base Art Space serves all makers and is looking for more collaborations in the city.

Recently an erotic artist showcased her work and another maker launched his hemp product and used the space to bottle and present his creation.

Blake also hosts a monthly market for different retailers and has a wardrobe room in the house with thrifted items for purchase or costumes for photo shoots and films.

“Times have changed, and the urgency of bringing everyone together is about doing things on our terms, and focusing. I’ve learned so much, and with focus, nothing is impossible.”

If you go:

What: Base Art Space

Where: 4800 NW 2 Ave

Hours: 10 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday. Also by appointment.


Cost: Free and open to the public. Tuesday open mic is $10

For more information click here.

Follow Base Art Space on Instagram @MDotBase or Facebook.