Artist March-Miami

On Wednesday, June 14, 2017, from 6-9pm, creatives of all kinds will assemble in cities nationwide for the Miami-born Artist March – filling the streets (and social media) with art, music, dance and performance. The date falls on U.S. Flag Day and Trump’s birthday. Miami artists-turned-organizers Alessandra Mondolfi and Melanie Oliva (founder of The Artful Activist) see the march as an opportunity to “gift” Trump with creative reminders of what his administration seems to be taking away: equality, justice, environmental protection and arts funding (just before he and Pence come to town). They would also like to take the meaning of our country’s flag back, which they believe should be “freedom for ALL”. The Artist March has joined forces with Bring Him Down, 100 Days Action and Rise and Resist, who each have events planned nationwide for the same day.

Mondolfi states, “While many individual artists, galleries and institutions are addressing social and environmental issues within their walls, I believe it’s time for us to take it out to the streets. If we stand together, who knows what our creativity can accomplish!

Historically artists have led the way for social change. We have the tools to inspire others and create unity. The creative community is vast, diverse and intersectional by nature – representing every background, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ethnicity, economic status and age. There are so many things we can use art to fight for, including healthcare, immigration, minority rights, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, net neutrality and environmental protection. Also, what better way to fight FOR the arts than WITH art, knowing NEA funding might disappear.”

Mondolfi and Oliva have employed intricate group props for the Women’s March, March For Science, March Against Monsanto and several others. They see the Artist March as the most powerful display of resistance yet – with the opportunity to integrate all art forms and all grassroots organizations.

Musicians, dancers, poets and activists will speak and perform at the Miami Artist March, including Stuart Sheldon, The Biscayne Poet, The Combat Hippies, Michael Christine, Dita Sharpley and “Valentina” of Kikimora Studio. An 18-foot-tall RESIST sign made of flags will be deployed at Mana Contemporary’s Old RC Cola Plant (550 NW 24th St.). The march will stop mid-way at Mana’s tent on 2nd Ave. for performances and will end at The Wynwood Yard’s open mic night.

Marches are taking place in Miami, West Palm Beach, Naples/Fort Myers and Boston with the help of Rolando Chang Barrero, Sandra Yeyati, Lisette Morales, Harmony Kennedy Witte, Stuart Sheldon, Pete Gonzalez and JohnBob Carlos. Each city’s march will be uniquely their own, reflecting the creative community and its strengths. Partner organizations include 100 Days Action, ActivistArtistA Gallery, Bring Him Down, Everglades Gallery, Fancy Nasty Studios, Good Eye Press, LM Gallery, MASS Artists for Change, OtherPeoplesPixels, Rise and Resist, The Artful Activist and The Wynwood Yard. While those who identify as artists will lead, all are encouraged to join.

Anyone can post creative actions on social media that day using #ArtistMarch and #SadBirthday, and tweeting @realDonaldTrump. Follow the Artist March on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Contact: Melanie Oliva, The Artful Activist | 773.620.9008 |

Content courtesy of the Artist March Miami