72 Hours In Nashville

Nashville- the music city.

The land of honky tonk and white girls wasted at their bachelorette parties, and casa to Third Man Records where they're famous for pressing titles on black vinyl.

We drove up for Thanksgiving with our two dogs and tofurkey and headed to our Airbnb. After a 16 hour drive, we made it on Thanksgiving morning to Nashville, Tennessee.

I honestly didn't know people in Nashville took their Thanksgiving holiday so seriously because everything but the Bob Evans and Cracker Barrel was closed. We headed to the Bob Evans (CB had a three-hour wait, and I love Mommas French Toast Breakfast but not that much.)

What I love most about our trips is how spontaneous they are and how we plan very little when we travel, but truth be told I'm not sure if that plan worked that well in this city.

Now the perspective I'm going to give you in based on my opinion and my experiences traveling as a person in a same-sex relationship. I always make sure to point this out because my experience won't be yours and I've heard a lot of great things about Nashville, but I can't say it was as magical or unforgettable as people made it seem.

I'll be honest and say this without trying to offend people, but Melani and I have received some of the harshest criticism when we travel to places primarily populated by Wypipo so I'm always a little guarded when we travel now, especially after Trump. We got a lot of stares in Nashville, but I will point out there was one white guy that seemed relatively excited and happy to see two girls holding hands. He gave us the head nod and even congratulated us on our public display. No one bothered us or harassed us but we didn't venture inside of the honky tonk bars because I didn't want to push it.

Surprisingly, despite not seeing any gay people, I was extremely excited when I found out the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race were going to be at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center for A Drag Queen Christmas: The Naughty Tour. One of the best memories of this trip was walking up to the concierge desk and meeting a couple of friends who were looking to giveaway a pair of extra tickets. They gifted them to us, and we sat with them that night. They turned out to be down to earth and fun, plus they knew all about the cast and their names.

Below is a list of some of the places we went to while in Nashville:

Local Honey is a salon and consignment shop in one. It's actually really cute inside and we walked by as we were in the area. See first photo.

Barista Parlor: I paid $27 for two cups of coffee. That's all I'll say about this place. Oh, and the decor reminded me of Brothers and Brawlers here in Miami.

Hatch Show Print: This place was interesting because they still use the old school printing machines and the man at the register gave me some history on them.

Pre To Post Modern: I love thrifting so when I found this place I fell in love. It was right next to

Love, Peace & Pho where we had some tasty veggie phó. I purchased a pair of eye earrings that were really sassy. The eyes even had eyeliner and stars hanging from them.

Bar Sovereign: The Dj here gets my respect for throwing on some old papi salsa tunes in the middle of White ass Nashville, TN. The drinks were OK but they get a B+ for effort and for the nice vibes. Plus it's always a party when you throw on them Hector Lavoe jams.

Buffalo Exchange: Everywhere we go we visit our local Buffalo. Melani purchased a shirt and I bought a skirt and a hat I wore for Art Basel. My total was $13.

Five Points Pizza: The pizza here was yummy. I liked that they had veggie options and their garlic bread was nice and toasty too.

Tenn Sixteen: We stopped by this place to get a beer. I wish I remembered the name but I can't. It was a local beer though and I remember it being a blonde and actually really nice on the palette.

Garage Coffee Company Nashville, we stopped to get cofecito here. This was one of the stops on the Music City Hop on and Hop Off tour we did. We always do one of these tours, especially when we travel for #72Hours.

The café was bomb and I love when coffee shops have their vegan options on point. Plus their crumb cake was delish. This company was inside the historic Marathon Village here's some history on this spot:

Marathon Village is a neighborhood born out of the buildings that once housed Marathon Motor Works (1910-1914). The company started in Jackson, Tennessee in 1907. It was the first factory to totally manufacture automobiles in the southern United States and the only one to do so until General Motors made the Saturn in 1990. Beginning with the purchase of his first building here in 1986, owner Barry Walker has supported a thriving creative community and made a center for commercial, performing, and visual arts. He designed a plan to preserve the historical and architectural significance of each space while creating a space for:

Nashville was cool but I found that in the city the most populated area was Downtown for their bars and country music scene. If this isn't your thing you may not find it as spectacular as everyone else does when they visit. Also,our home was really cozy and I love the feeling of waking up somewhere else and not knowing what the day will be like. I will say that anywhere we travel and anytime we get to get away is a real privilege that I don't take for granted. I'm eternally grateful for any chance I get to make memories and spend quality time away with my wife BUT unless someone sponsors our trip next time, I can't see myself back in Nashville any time soon.

Safe travels and Roam Free,Xx,CP